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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful process which allows clients to release past traumas that are unconsciously affecting and often interfering with the quality of their life, especially showing up in dysfunctional relationships and compulsive behaviors.  Painful childhood experiences are felt by everyone to some degree or another and are just a part of growing up:  the death of a grandparent, being held back in school, not making a sports team, moving, being embarrassed by a teacher, divorce, parent losing a job, are some examples of typical, childhood events that kids experience. However, when something devastating happens and makes kids feel terrified, powerless and overwhelmed to do anything about it, then things can take a different turn in their development.  And when the devastating event continues, like mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, their mind finds a way to protect them in order to survive.

What often happens, in severe circumstances, is a numbing-out of the body or sometimes even a dissociation from the body, so the impact of what is happening is not fully felt emotionally or physically - it is like going into shock - the body shuts down and goes on automatic pilot.  Remember seeing all the vacant faces and fear in the eyes of those in New York City when the Twin Towers went down?  That is what shock looks like and is what we do when we feel powerless, scared, confused and can't make sense of what is happening - when we don't know what to do to protect ourselves. The horror of what is happening is outside our ability to process it in the moment, so we shut down and go numb.  Along with the emotions that get repressed are beliefs about the situation and about ourselves - like  a moment frozen in time.

And it seems that as human beings, we eperience life from our most deeply held beliefs, some good and helpful but others are like "negative, self-fulfilling prophesies" - what we believe is what we experience.  And since most of our beliefs are unconscious, we stay bewildered and powerless, wondering how our life got to be like this.  Something happens and we say, " but of course, that is what always happens to me".   OR "I just keep getting involved with bosses who always take advantage of me, OR I really want a healthy relationship, but instead I keep dating guys/women who end up cheating on me".  Why can't I break the cycle of drugs, cigarettes, gambling, alcohol, spending, eating, depression, compulsive working, anger, pornography, and on and on and on?  Something else seems to be in control of my decisions and behavior.  So how do we get to the bottom of this and discover what is unconsciously driving the bus?  By becoming aware of the source of our beliefs about ourselves and then working to consciously make the mental change to support the behavioral changes we desparately seek.  Bringing consciousness into our life is the beginning step of all recovery of the self.  

A typical hypnotherapy session begins with a few minutes of deep relaxing - nothing hocus-pocus and no dangling watch.  It is a wonderful way to focus our thoughts and relax the body - an altered state, similar to meditation.  Clients often ask if it is likely that they will fall asleep, and will they remember what happens in the session.  To date, noone has ever fallen asleep and yes, you will remember all that takes place.  The entire process gives ample opportunities to release frozen memories, beliefs and feelings before we move into a healing space and connect with our "wounded, inner child". Creating positive, corrective self-statements (affirmations)  allows for a new self-concept to emerge - one based on the truth of who you really are in your highest, spiritual self.  Take this step now and call me with any questions about what you have read here. I am highly trained and have years of experience facilitating clients' growth. It takes courage to call for an appointment.  

You can do this; allow me to help.

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